Emil DiNardo

Senior Database Administrator/Programmer
Canisius College, MBA
6+ years with the company
Self-taught drummer

Emil is Senior Database Administrator & Programmer at Counsel Financial. He is responsible for building upon, maintaining and expanding the organization’s collateral and loan servicing systems. Emil also serves as the company’s administrator on customer-facing CRM, as well as employee-facing management software.

Emil joined the team part-time in 2016 while finishing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo. After earning his degree in 2017, Emil continued to work for Counsel Financial while in graduate school, earning his Masters of Business Administration in Data Analytics in 2020 from Canisius College. In 2020, he transitioned from primarily data entry to working with the underlying data systems that drive the company’s analytics.

Outside of the office, Emil enjoys golf in the summertime and skiing in the wintertime. He is also an avid video game enthusiast as well as a self-taught drummer, playing mostly rock and metal music.