Interested in building a mass tort practice?

Robert Carbone, Esq. | Deputy General Counsel, Attorney Relations
September 21, 2016



We can show you the way (with a little help from the experts).

Case aggregation is a critical component of the mass tort business. It refers to the practice of attorneys acquiring a group of clients with similar injuries caused by the same product, then co-counseling with a member of the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC). The Plaintiff Steering Committee is a small group of lawyers that are impaneled to manage and conduct the litigation. However, it is impossible for just members of the PSC—or firms with large inventories of claimants—to retain every person deserving justice for their injuries. As a result, firms with an influential position in a litigation work collaboratively with many other firms to aggregate cases and ensure victims nationwide are informed of their rights and have access to quality legal representation. 

The following are responses which provide insight to the three most frequently asked questions when considering an entry into the mass tort practice area through case aggregation:

Q1. How do I assess which cases I should get involved in?

Q2. How can I finance my case acquisition?

Q3. What are the ways to get involved in mass torts?