Confidently Build a Mass Tort Practice

Litigating mass torts can be lucrative, but challenging—often involving hundreds, if not thousands of clients, many attorneys, multiple jurisdictions, significant expenses and years before a final resolution is reached. Counsel Financial’s Enter Mass Torts® Program provides your firm with the resources you need to confidently overcome these hurdles and develop a mass tort practice.

Master Mass Torts Alongside Seasoned Litigators

From case acquisition through case resolution and post-settlement matters, your firm can learn the process, as well as the proper business and legal models, to achieve the most successful conclusion for your mass tort clients. 

Counsel Financial's Enter Mass Torts® Program connects you with the guidance, skills and resources of top-name mass torts attorneys, so that you can avoid the common pitfalls inherent to this specialized practice area and confidently build your own mass tort firm.

Program Highlights

Ability to work with an experienced mass tort firm
Access to national advertising campaigns
No litigation-related expenses
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Frequently Asked Questions


Gain access to capital and some of the nation’s top mass tort litigators

If you qualify for a loan with Counsel Financial, then you can elect to use your credit line to advertise for mass tort cases. We will assist you in establishing a relationship with an attorney of your choice who has a proven track record litigating mass torts, which we refer to as a “Mentor.”

Once you decide which Mentor you want to work with as co-counsel, they can help you with marketing, vetting cases, navigating the mass tort process, and they will bear all of the expenses of the litigation. The program is designed to be streamlined and fully in your control, so you can have a stress-free transition into the mass tort space.


We have chosen the Mentors for our Enter Mass Torts Program based on their experience and proven success in litigating mass torts.

You can read firsthand about their qualifications prior to making a selection.


Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know?

Do I choose my own Mentor?

Yes. We can provide advice as to which Mentor we think will be the best for you, however you make the final decision.

Will Counsel Financial have any control over my cases if I join the program?

No. We are careful not to interfere with a case or a lawyer’s professional judgment.

Can I join the program even if I do not have a credit line with Counsel Financial?

Yes. We will introduce you to the lawyers who have agreed to act as our Mentors for the Enter Mass Tort® Program regardless of your source of funding. However, a credit line from Counsel Financial provides you significantly more capital than you can receive from a bank, so you will have a larger pool of funds to use to obtain mass tort cases.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to join the program?


Can I use my Counsel Financial credit line for anything other than the Enter Mass Torts® Program?

Yes. You can use your credit line for any law firm purpose.

 Are my monthly interest payments tax-deductible?

Yes, all monthly interest payments made to Counsel Financial are tax-deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

How We Compare

Powerful credit resources with superior terms

We have designed our credit lines to be straightforward, without the complex rates and hidden fees of other lenders. Compare how our terms stack up against the competition:

Features Counsel Financial Other Lenders
Co-Counsel Relationships Access to a network of top U.S. mass tort litigators None
Loan Term 4 years 1 year
Annual Maintenance Fees None 0.5 - 2%
Pre-Payment Penalty None 10 - 15% with some specialty lenders
Ticking / Other Fees None Up to 7% per annum
Balloon Payment None Standard with most banks
Draw Fees None Up to 2% with some specialty lenders
Use of Proceeds Any law firm related expense Case expenses only with some specialty lenders